Quite simply, we believe using a project management approach ensures greater transparency and simplicity because control stays with the homeowner. Through the entire process, the project management fees are clearly laid out up front – not hidden in mark-ups or inflated pricing and there is no need to constantly re-negotiate or to always compare the contract to what is being delivered.


Using a project management approach also means homeowners pay all sub-trades and suppliers directly, ensuring these hardworking people are being paid. As things change and evolve during the project (and they will) the project manager presents solutions and options to the homeowner, allowing them to be an integral part of the decision making process.


Project management means multiple estimates for material and suppliers to ensure fair and competitive pricing. That way, homeowners have access to a wide choice of trades and construction professionals. They can do their own research and suggest their own, they can use established professionals they have had previous experience with, and they also get pricing from a roster of proven suppliers recommended by ReNew homes. We do all the leg work.


ReNew Homes, like most contractors receives supplier discounts for materials and services. We also differ from fixed price contractors, because we pass along materials savings directly to the homeowner. We receive contractor pricing (generally in range of 10-35%, depending on material) and can pass the savings on to our clients.

Our vision is to make the home construction process as seamless, pleasant and positive as possible for homeowners.


A significant renovation is often an overwhelming, stressful and frustrating experience for homeowners. It can be an inconvenient, messy, expensive and intense process. Balancing a renovation with all that goes on in most homeowner’s regular lives can also be a huge challenge. It’s hard to clear the necessary time and head space.